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It’s time to focus on YOU.

What happens when caregiving ends? Who are you once the role you’ve been in for so long is suddenly over and you’re faced with redefining who you are? Who do you have to talk to who can relate to your unique experiences? Where do you go to recharge and regroup and start rebuilding your life?

We’re here for YOU.

Join us on our February retreat for former caregivers where you can start focusing on yourself again after taking care of someone else for so long. Connect with other former caregivers and instantly gain a group of new friends who know exactly what you’re going through all while enjoying special programs exclusively for our group.

We’ll take care of YOU.

Our full-service travel agency can help with everything you need so your time will be spent relaxing, recharging, and rebuilding your life. From airline reservations to reservations at the Greenhouse Spa on board to make sure you have all the resources you could need to start your recovery from the stress and trauma of being a caregiver, we’re here for you.

A retreat just for YOU.

While this is a group cruise we understand that everyone has different needs so ultimately your time onboard is up to you. We will have programs exclusively for our group like caregiver circles, seminars with guest speakers on topics such as self-care, group social events such as happy hours or nights at B.B. King’s Blues Club, and group shore excursions but each event is optional; sometimes the perfect day is spent lounging by the pool with a good book. Whatever you feel you need, this is your time.

YOUR new journey starts here.

You’re invited to explore the Caribbean on our February retreat Finding A New You. Reset and rediscover yourself while island hopping, making new friends, and rekindling your love for travel. Call 888-826-6836 to start planning your journey.

A healthier, happier you starts now. Take the first steps towards living life to the fullest by calling 888-826-6836 today.

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