"Thank you for your kindness and understanding throughout the trip. You certainly were right, the trip made memories for a lifetime. Lew and I are forever grateful for the experience, the kindness, and understanding from you and your staff. Everyone was wonderful!" —Christine S

"Kathy and her team do an amazing job of breaking down the stigma for those living with dementia and their families. These trips are nothing but incredible." —Francis

“I can never thank you enough, I have had the privilege of being a husband for my beautiful wife for the past seven days. This is the first time in three years that I’ve been able to actually be her husband. This experience has far outweighed any expectation that I had.”—Lyle I.

I took the Eastern Caribbean cruise in 2020 with my sister who has rare early onset Alzheimer’s. It was a very memorable experience. I highly recommend. The extra expense is so worth the peace of mind and the memories you will make!—Kathi C

“Kathy and her team are fantastic! They care personally about everyone at their party. I recommend Elite to anyone caring for a loved one with dementia. Elite Cruises will provide a great vacation for both of you.“ —Fraser Howe

“These dementia friendly cruises are FABULOUS for your loved one and for you, the caregiver. Kathy makes arrangements for transportation, wheelchairs, fine dining opportunities, sightseeing, caregiver respite hours, and even beach time! Wayne and I have been on several of Kathy’s cruises and have made forever friends and special memories. Please call Kathy and she will help you get everything arranged!” —Debbie Garret Heckler

"Kathy Shoaf and her dedicated and experienced team of RNs, Certified Caregivers, Counselors and assistants have again exceeded expectations on the latest dementia-friendly Alaska cruise. It's time that other care partners and Loved Ones with Alzheimer's and Dementia in its early to moderate stage experience the supported travel offered no where else! Travel with safety, support and comfort with supervised respite time, valuable and informative sessions that directly impact this devastating journey - before it's too late for either affected to enjoy. It’s also a great experience even for a Care Partner like myself whose wife is no longer able to accompany him from a Memory Care Community to learn more, recharge and benefit with sharing personal knowledge with others." —Dennis Dulniak, Care Partner

" I am a caregiver. We had a wonderful and informative cruise, it was good to have respite care in the afternoons for a break and it was a great group to travel with!" —Lynne Bloomberg, (Orange County, CA)

"Having dementia does Not have to mean the end of travel. These Dementia-friendly cruises provide excellent opportunities for respite, networking, support, and adventure." —Dennis Dulniak, FL

"WE HAD A WONDERFUL TIME. I enjoyed talking with other caregivers. The leaders (Kathy. Barbara. Dr. Fran, Lesli) kept everyone busy & engaged. It was especially nice to have 2 hrs. free time to do whatever or to talk with the counselors who were trained professionals. I fell down the steps on board and was immediately helped by Kathy & Barbara. My husband also had a problem and was cared for immediately. We all enjoyed singing and even dancing. The information given to us was very helpful. I believe everyone had a good time." —Nancy Von Alten

"Fantastic voyage from meals to excursions. No finer cruise line on the high seas and no finer way to book it than with Kathy Shoaf, 888-826-6836. My name is Bob Barrows and I will be happy to elaborate on my time cruising with Elite Cruises and Vacations Travel . com. Kathy Shoaf created this company because she has a heart for caregivers. She invites caregivers to come aboard each month and sail with her to various destinations and be relieved to rejuvenate while your loved one is cared for on the cruise by her professional staff. Kathy is also a premier travel agent in business for over 10 years. She cares and is engaged to ensure you have the best travel experience of your life."

"Dear Kathy, I cannot thank you enough for the kindness and support that you showed to Jack and me on the cruise. Getting to Florida the day before was an excellent idea. It enabled me to make getting to the boat on time a possibility! Thank you too for being sure that the room we had served our needs. Because I have some mobility issues, the shower without a tub was perfect. The ‘window’ allowed more light in our room so that Jack did not experience much ‘sun-downing’. During the conference, when he went to the men’s room and I foolishly did not follow him, you and your staff immediately joined me on a search. You repeatedly showed your compassion and understanding... you were there with a shoulder to lean on and support for all my needs." —Susan B. (East Windsor, NY)

"Hi Kathy, how are you? I'm so sorry that it took this long to let you know how much I enjoyed the cruise and conference. Donald n I was talking about cruise with friends today, we both really enjoyed that time, meeting other people. Thank you for all that you did to make it comfortable, enjoyable your kindness will never be forgotten. Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season." —Donald & Cecilia B. (Canada)

"Dear Kathy, this was the trip of a lifetime. After traveling with my husband for 30 years, I thought that I would never get to go see the world again. But, you made a way that I can, Thank you so very much. It was perfect." —Phyllis D. (Indianapolis, IN)

"Kathy, you were right even Parkinson's cannot keep me from a Cruise. when are we going again? I am ready.to go!" —Clara W. (Bloomington, IN)

"Kathy, Thank you so much for a wonderful trip!!!! I tried to post a testimonial for you. I hope it went through. If not let me know, I’ll try again. Our trip was amazing and you are amazing too. We are your biggest fans! Looking forward to our next trip!!!" —Scott D (Milwaukee, WI) Dementia - Friendly Cruise Client

"Thank you for asking me to participate in the Dementia-Friendly Cruise in November 2017! My heart is still full with the friendships that developed so quickly and deeply. Your clients can rest assured that you will bring your professionalism, compassion and fun spirit aboard all your cruises! I look forward to joining you on dementia-friendly and accessible cruises in 2018 and beyond." —Lesli Jenkins Wang President & CEO Free2Go Mobility Products

"Boston to Canada MS Maasdam Holland America. Our Nova Scotia “dementia friendly” cruise was a memorable one! We looked forward to the Zumba classes with Loretta to get us ready for the day ahead. What a great way to start the day with special movements to the familiar “oldies” tunes. We are still humming the familiar tunes. My husband really enjoyed the daily activities designed especially for people with dementia during respite time. And during that time, I was able to enjoy a show, a time to read, take a nap, or relax in the hot tub!!
Brian, our keynote speaker, had a great sense of humor and we learned so much from him as he shared his story – both the good and not so good days. We felt supported and affirmed at every moment. Our cruise director, Kathy, thought of every detail and helped create this special time for us and our daughter. We will carry these memories with us.
Holland America staff was very accommodating, the food was fabulous, the variety on the buffets was terrific, and Jim kept the ice cream place in business! We made lasting friendships and will savor golden memories. A big thanks to all the staff who made this dementia friendly cruise possible." — Mary Todd

"From our first contact, Kathryn was very professional, yet very compassionate.
Kathryn is very knowledgeable in many aspects of nursing as well as traveling with disabled individuals and their caretakers.
She arranged a cruise for us to go on, we were accompanied by her, another nurse, and an aide. Kathryn rented our medical equipment, made sure it was all in working condition, made sure our lodging was also as accessible as possible. She and the other nurse, Barbara Robert, worked very hard and perfectly, together.
Both my husband and I look forward to our next cruise together.
Kathryn has very high standards and went beyond her rolls of being a nurse and travel agent. I feel like I've known her for years, as a friend. If you book with Kathryn, you will feel comfortable knowing you made the right choice, being in very competent hands." — Miriam Jasinski (Brick, NJ)

"As a person living with Alzheimer's Disease, I first met Kathy on my first Dementia Cruise in 2017. Now, I serve as a member of her team as an Alzheimer's Advocate and Keynote Speaker.

Kathy offers a unique experience for Seniors and other individuals living with disabilities, Dementia-Related Illnesses, individuals who need a little extra assistance and their families.
Working with the cruise line, Kathy makes sure every requested accommodation is taken care of, no matter how big or small.

Kathy creates a safe atmosphere for her guests, giving them choices of various educational programs, music therapy, Zumba, group dining, as well as having a professional photographer capturing all the precious, beautiful moments.

If you're looking for travel opportunities to celebrate milestones, cross off bucket list items, or just to celebrate life, Kathy Shoaf is the person you need to call. " — Brian LeBlanc Alzheimer's Advocate (850) 637-2586 "I have Alzheimer's BUT, it doesn't have ME"