Southern Caribbean & Panama Canal Memories
October 22 – November 3, 2023

Elite Cruises Beach Time

Is there anything better than the beach? Definitely not! We always have a blast on beach days, especially at Half Moon Cay when we get to play in the water and feed the fish.

Elite Cruises Halloween Costumes

One of the highlights of our Panama Canal cruise every year is that we get to celebrate Halloween together! Everyone gets so creative with their costumes and this year was no exception; we had a flapper, a knight, a jester, and this lovely bunny!

Elite Cruises Rum Tasting

When we’re in the Caribbean we love to try some rum! Tasting different ones on a rum tour at Appleton Estate in Jamaica was so much fun.

Elite Cruises Parrots

Colombia is so bright and colorful, especially since we always get to see parrots there! These birds are incredible and it’s amazing to see them so close.

Elite Cruises Submarine Tour

Have you ever been on a submarine? We have! Our favorite excursion this year was definitely the submarine tour where we got to explore the reef and see so many beautiful fish up close.

Elite Cruises Excursions

We had so many great excursions in addition to the submarine and rum tour like ziplining and tubing on a river. Each of our cruises is fully customizable so you can be as active as you want…or as lazy as you want (it is a vacation after all!)

Don’t worry if you missed out on all the fun on our Southern Caribbean & Panama Canal Cruise, there are more Elite Supported Cruises and Caregiver Retreats coming up!